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How to choose the right glass edging machine for you

How to choose the right glass edging machine for you

Speaking of glass edging machines, everyone is no stranger to it. As the "veteran" of glass equipment and equipment, it has always been loved by the industry.

At the same time, the troublesome thing is that there are more and more models and types of glass edging machines. It is difficult for everyone to distinguish between good and bad. I don't know which one to buy. The following editor will explain this phenomenon in detail.

Quality Screening of Glass Edging Machine

The difference between the quality of the glass edging machine is not only reflected in the diversification of its equipment functions, but more importantly, its configuration and details.

As the main core bone beam of the glass edging machine, the first thing to say is that the quality of the beam must be impossible.

If processing heavy glass, uneven bearing force is more likely to cause deformation of the girders, let alone edging, the girders have to be removed and revised.

Therefore, once there is a problem with the beam, the loss will be huge. Aside from maintenance costs, only equipment shutdown will cause huge losses to the factory.

Another thing to pay attention to is the grinding head base, base, carriage, etc. When purchasing, be sure to ask what brand the manufacturer chooses and whether the quality is guaranteed.

It is better to spend more money to create details than to buy refurbished machines or assembly machines of substandard quality for a while, otherwise it will affect the development of the company.


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