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CNC working center
CNC working center

CNC working center

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CNC Working center 

Work Table Size :2200X1200  

Grinding speed 1-10m/minCoarse grinding the highest speed :10 m/min   Coarse grinding the highest speed10m/min, Polishing the highest 10m/min

 It can realize automatic tool switching in multiple working procedures including grinding round edge and straight edge

The glass vacuum cup is made of high-quality rubber. With 10 sets.

Pneumatic positioning glass of positioning pile is accurate and reliable.Equipped with 8 sets of positioning piles

 DB polishing wheel can automatically compensate electric pressure, Automatic repairing wheel

 CNC control system, four axis control, remote collaboration function

Servo motor and servo driver are using Delta

 High-speed spindle frequency conversion drive, frequency converter using delta

 Linear guide rail and ball screw adopt Taiwan TBI or silver products, power distribution control pump automatic lubrication, screw adopt double nuts

  Water-cooled high-speed variable frequency spindle, top speed 9000 RPM, pneumatic tool change, Hilt BT40

Water ring vacuum pump 4kw maximum negative pressure - 0.093mpa

 The moving part of a cable use the special towing cable for machine tool

 Machine table use the thickened industrial aluminum plate

 Machine protection cover and water tank use stainless steel

 Supporting: one set of tools, one set of operating instructions

Site installation and training for 3 days. Maintenance training for one day. Operation training for two days

The installed power is 12KW. Length, width and height of equipment 3600X2500X2200mm, The total weight 3500KG

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